The Small Sports Blog’s Interview With Zach Hirsch (MysticZach)

The Small Sports Blog was contacted by Kelsey McIntyre of Rubenstein Public Relations to see
if The Small Sports Blog would be interested in doing an interview with Zach Hirsch, better
known to his Instagram follower as Mystic Zach, and his website, we said sure
we’re interested. To be honest before being contacted about doing the interview The Small
Sports Blog had never heard of Zach Hirsch, or

So The Small Sports Blog did a little research to find a little something about Zach Hirsch. He
turned his passion for sports into the website at the age of 17, and turned that
into a rather large Instagram following.

We asked Zach just a few questions.

1.The Small Sports Blog:
How did you start?
Zach Hirsch: Had a passion for sports and liked making predictions to see if I was right or
wrong. Combined the two to create

2.The Small Sports Blog:
What are your favorite sports to handicap?
Zach Hirsch:
I like football, and basketball, but favorites are MMA, and boxing. Like the multiple ways of

3. The Small Sports Blog:
What advice do you have for someone trying to be a handicapper?
Zach Hirsch:
Don’t go crazy. Don’t try to handicap too much. Try to limit what you are going to handicap.

4. The Small Sports Blog:
What effect do you think social media has had on handicapping and betting?
Zach Hirsch:
With social media there is more information available than ever before available for
handicappers and bettors.

The Small Sports Blog would like to thank Kelsey McIntyre of Rubenstein Public Relations for
setting up the interview, and Zach Hirsch for taking the time to do the interview.

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