Zach Hirsch better known as Mystic Zach is a sports analyst and handicapper based in Delray Beach, Florida. As a Senior in high school, Zach was the most accurate sports handicapper in the world in 2019. He picked an unprecedented one hundred percent of all his FBS college football games correctly including the SEC Championship, the College Football Semi Final Game and the National Championship Game. Overall all Zach correct twenty one out of twenty one picks for the season. The first recorded perfect season of picks for any handicapper picking twenty games or more. Zach also picked an unparalleled over ninety percent of all his NFL, MMA, Boxing and ATP Tennis picks correctly including the Super Bowl, the French Open of Tennis, the US Open of Tennis and several UFC Championship bouts and several Boxing world title fights. Mystic Zach attended the Prestigious MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston in 2020. Zach is currently enrolled in Harvard University Entrepreneurial Essentials Program and will be attending Lynn University with a Sports Management Major on Academic Scholarship in the Fall of 2020. He has been featured in numerous publications and on national and international podcasts. Zach has been published in both South Florida Tribune and SB Nation.