The Perfect First Two Weeks of Sports Picks.

The 17-year old sports handicapping sensation known as Mystic Zach had a sensational start to the launch of his new site

He successfully predicted Rafael Nadal’s 2019 US Open victory before the second seed had played his first match.

Mystic Zach further forecast that Khabib Nurmagomedov would defeat Dustin Poirier at UFC 242. While Khabib is undefeated this was by no means a mismatch. Zach was two for two before we even looked at his gridiron picks.

The Mystic One guaranteed The Ravens, Chargers, and Cowboys would all be victorious in NFL action during the first week of the season along with listing top ranked Clemson as an absolute lock over Texas A&M.

After going six for six in his first week of picks Mystic Zach picked another five consecutive winners in week two including picking the New England Patriots over the Miami Dolphins the Baltimore Ravens over the Arizona Cardinals and the Kansas City Chiefs over the Los Angeles Raiders. In an NCAA college football pick Zach guaranteed Ohio state to be Indiana. In addition, the Mystic One picked Lineal Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Tyson Fury to bet the previous undefeated Otto Wallin over twelve rounds.

The Delray Beach base teenager proclaims on his site that he doesn’t endorse or condone sports gambling but if you bet the money line with Zach’s picks the first two weeks, you would have really cleaned up.

“I am not surprised at all to go eleven for eleven the first two week. I don’t pick games. I pick wins! If you just wanted to hear another guy inaccurately pick all the games tune in to any established platform. Come to if you want the guaranteed wins. That’s why they call me Mystic Zach,” confidently said the self-proclaimed world’s best sports handicapper. was launched in 2019 and features weekly picks for college and professional football, tennis, MMA and boxing. It is managed by Mystic Zach, one of the top young handicappers in the world. The site does not endorse or recommend sports gambling in any way and weekly picks are available on the site for free. You can also stay informed with this week selects when you follow us on social media @iPickWins.

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